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Since 1979, Qadir Burger has been a symbol of top-notch hospitality. With guidance from our esteemed chairman and board of directors, we’ve broadened our menu to include more than just burgers, offering pizzas, shawarmas, wraps, sandwiches and panini. Nestled in the heart of Lahore, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. Utilizing cutting-edge roasting and broiling techniques, we craft each burger to perfection, ensuring maximum flavor and juiciness. Our dedication to innovation shines through in every bite, from our signature Shami Burger to exclusive delights like the Hunter Beef Burger and Chicken Patty Burger. At Qadir Burger, we’re proud pioneers in culinary excellence, continuously seeking ways to elevate your dining experience.

Qadir's Exclusive Burgers

Hunter Beef Burger

Sliced cut roasted beef, mayo, capsicum, tomato, fry egg, black seed bun.

Chicken Petty Burger

Chicken petty cooked on a hot plate, mayo, onion, tomato, fry egg, fresh burger.

Cheesy Fry Burger

Chicken fillet fry in salsa sauce, onion ring, tomato, cucumber, thousand island, black seed bun.





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