Qadir Burger

Qadir's Story

For more than 40 years, Qadir's Burger has been a big name in Lahore. It all began with the Shami Burger in 1979 when Ghulam Hussain, one of the founders, started selling burgers and fries from a small counter. They named the restaurant after their son, making it a family affair known for quality and great service.

Starting small, Qadir's has grown into a famous spot offering a variety of burgers. The Shami Burger is our special recipe, and we've added more unique options like Hunter Beef Burger, Chicken Patty Burger, and Shredded Chicken Burger.


Our focus is on making customers happy. We love building lasting relationships. It's heartening to hear from customers that their grandparents once savored our offerings. This shows how our commitment to quality and service stands the test of time.


Quality is key at Qadir's. Our top-notch food and strict safety standards are what make us successful. Meeting and even surpassing customer expectations is crucial for us, ensuring trust and loyalty.
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